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A new web site for Care Vacancy


After three months of hard work and loud keyboard tapping from Pete, our lead web developer, we have set the new Care Vacancy website off to sail the Internet! With new features, new job listings and a new layout, we have ensured that, together with Care Vacancy, finding the right care job is as easy and enjoyable as it can possibly be!


The website allows job-seekers to have their own personal account to manage applications and even upload a CV, saving precious time in the future. Employers are able to post job openings and review applications online, saving on paperwork and precious office space!


When Care Vacancy approached us, it was with an existing website which was over three years old- almost prehistoric in the world of websites! - so it was in serious need of a revamp.


The website now features job integration, importing hundreds of jobs from the JobG8 network. This maximises both job opportunities and as a result, the number of people who use the Care Vacancy website.

Whilst keeping a similar colour scheme so existing familiarity with the branding was not lost, the new website makes better use of space and as a result appears less busy and cluttered, instantly adding a more professional feel.


You can see what we have done for Care Vacancy by visiting their website:


You can also see other websites we have created by looking through our Portfolio:


We're always looking for new and exciting projects, so why not get in touch today to see how we can improve your website, and as a result, your business.



The web site design process


Deciding on the overall look for your new website can be difficult, lucky we're here to help!

The design process begins immediately and what makes our service so good is that everything is personalised around you. Logos, images, buttons and fonts - we can create and edit them specifically to your liking.

The team will contact you over the phone or by email to discuss your every requirement and how we will implement them in your design. From funky slide shows to shiny animated buttons, we can provide them at your pleasure, just look at our Potshot Productions and AKS Karting websites.

Of course, if you already have a design in mind or you've seen a design online you really like, we can ensure that the final outcome meets your expectations.

During this initial stage the team will be in regular contact and will update you through our portal on the current progress of the site. By using our portal you will also be able to see what your website will look like in your browser. If your heart stops as you suddenly notice there's something on the design you need change urgently, don't worry about it, we can do it for you - just give us a call or drop an email and we will get on to it.

Once you're satisfied with what we've produced, the design is finalised and passed over to our web development team. This is the stage where your website comes to life and the features you've asked for are created from the depths of CSS.

After an intense coding session which will rattle most people brains, your brand new shiny website is completed. However, this isn't the end of the journey, we just don't give you the website as a finished product, remember all our sites are content managed so now it's your turn to begin creating!


Is it a good idea to maximise your search results based on location?

If you're looking to try and maximise the visits to your site, and the calls from customers, you may want to maximise awareness of your location. Say you own a flower shop near Glasgow, and you've had a great idea to maximise the clicks to your site by making Google as aware of your location as possible. After a couple of weeks you may notice that not much change has happened, and all of your hard labour hasn't had much effect, if any.
You can normally find that the problem is simple, you may have refined your results down to those searching for a place near you, but you're also driving away searches for those who live a bit further away, such as those in East Kilbride. The plus side of this is that someone who lived on the Isle of Skye may not even bother looking at you because they know you're not of interest to them, and that those in Glasgow will know that you're close by.

So why were there no improvements in my search traffic?

There are be quite a few reasons as to why your search traffic may not have increased, and recent studies show that trying to market to just your location can actually reduce your ranking in certain searches, as some people will search extremely specific phrases, and putting in an extra word that they haven't searched for can change how well your sites perform.

So what should I do then?

As far as I can say, it may not be best to try and put yourself on the map. In some cases you may have need to do so, and could gain some rankings from people searching with your area in their phrase. So many factors can affect what keywords you'll need to use to promote your site as well as you can, so the best thing to do is to constantly improve and play with it.



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